10 Ways to incorporate Music and Movement without a Prop

My residents love music but it’s a struggle to get them to move at times. With Covid-19 using the normal props became a challenge. So with a little research and trial and error our residents really enjoy these activities.

1.      Clap your hands—clap to the rhythm or make your own rhythm up

2.      Drum on the table or your lap

3.      Free style dancing to a song using various styles and moods of music.

4.      Arm movements and/or leg kicks

5.      Music Yoga—using slow, calming music

6.      Finger motion—have them play a trumpet or piano in the air

7.      Charades—have them act out a song

8.      Stomp the rhythm

9.      Describe what you hear—have resident describe the instrument, voice, or sound they hear

10.  Seated songs—“Itsy Bitsy Spider”; “Hokey Pokey”; “The Wheels on the Bus”. My residents love these and it reminds them of their childhood.

What are some music and movement activities you do without using a prop?