10 Word Game Ideas

My residents absolutely love to play word games and could play them all the time. So my staff and I had to search for various ways to keep it fresh and interesting. This is a great cognitive activity.

                We have a whiteboard in our activities room which makes it easy to write on and for everyone to see in order to play these games.

1.      Fill in the Blank –provide a word or phrase using blanks and fill in with each resident providing a letter {think Wheel of Fortune or Hangman}

2.      Words from a word—take one word and see how many words you can get from that word

3.     Word Adds—use a word such as “what” or “un-“ and see how many words you can make adding other words  {ex. Whatever, unfinished, etc.}

4.      Anonyms—share a word and have residents give all the words which are different

5.      Synonym– share a word and have residents give all the words which are similar

6.      Scrabble—put up a series of letters {often we’ll have each resident give us a letter} and then see how many words you can make from those letters

7.      What goes with it—provide a word {ocean, spring, water, etc.} and have residents give words that match that category

8.      Compound Words—build words upon other words   ex. Doorway; Classroom; etc.

9.      String them together—take a series of words and create a story from them {this can be interesting, hilarious and fun}. Often we’ll go around the room and each resident takes a word to add onto the story.

10.  Build a word—take short and simple words and try to use as many of these fragments as possible to create a longer word {the longer the better}   ex. Whatsoever

                What are some other word games your residents enjoy?