10 Ways to incorporate Music and Movement

Music and movement is a great way to encourage the residents to move. Here are some of our favorites.

1.      Scarf dance—using a scarf and make simple motions and movements

2.      Egg shake-give each resident a musical egg and have them shake it

3.      Rhythm sticks—give each resident a set of rhythm sticks and have them drum the beat {rhythm} or create their own

4.      Parachute—each person holds onto the parachute and it goes up and down or you can even have certain parts move in a round

5.      Ribbon rings—like with scarf dancing have them make motions and movements

6.      Instruments—hand out instruments for the residents to play

7.      Handbells—hand out handbells and teach the residents how to play them

8.      Body percussion—using their own body have the resident keep rhythm. Each part of the body has a different timbre.

9.      Rainstick—have shake a rain stick

10.  Stretch to the rhythm—hand out stretchy bands to move to

What are some other ways you incorporate music and movement?