10 Healthy Snack Ideas for Residents

It’s so easy to serve sweet snacks to our residents, but recently ours began to ask for healthier options. It led to exploration of ideas other than cut veggies and fruits {which are great but we need some variety}. These went better than we thought they would and we have now incorporated healthier options into snack time.

We were looking for ideas which were easy to fix and inexpensive.

1.      Yogurt and fruit

2.      Peanut butter on a banana {can told with coconut or raisins}

3.      Hardboiled egg and string cheese

4.      Dried fruit mix

5.      Cheese bites with nuts

6.      Fruit smoothie

7.      Fruit cocktail or applesauce cups

8.      Cucumber salad on crackers

9.      Pear slices with ricotta cheese

10.  Black bean brownies

What are some healthy snacks your residents enjoy?