Hosting a King and Queen Pageant

We always hosted a King and Queen pageant for valentine’s day.

About two weeks before Valentine’s day, we would place boxes around the facility and have staff, residents, and family members nominate residents.

We sent each nominee a letter that they had been nominated and a time for glamour shot pictures.

Three staff members who do not work directly with the residents were then asked to be judges. At times we also used vendors from the outside.

A local children’s group came in to help us push the wheelchairs down our “runway”.

Our judges based on enthusiasm/personality, dress/outfit, and audience response. 

While the results were being tallied snacks would be served and music played.

We then announced the winners. We bought capes, hats, and scepter’s from Oriental Trading to put around the residents. These served for pictures and to go up and down the halls. We then took them back and had them dry cleaned for the following year.

We purchased tiara’s for our queens to keep and gave our winners and first runner up a bouquet of flowers.

Pictures were taken of all the winners and a press release submitted to our local newspaper.

How do you host your King and Queen pageant?