10 Ideas for Faith Based Activities

Often it is difficult to know what type of faith based activities to provide. Each community is different, depending on the resident needs but here are a few ideas to get started.

1.      Provide a daily devotion or read a daily devotion. Many devotions can be found online or a devotional book can be purchased.

2.      Go through a Bible Study together

3.      Watch a sermon on TV

4.      Listen to gospel music. The Gaither homecoming series is one suggestion to check out.

5.      Read a passage from the Bible

6.      Watch a Christian based film

7.      Have a contest to memorize a scripture verse and/or prayer

8.      Invite various spiritual leaders in the community to visit each week. Even if it’s over Zoom.

9.      Have a hymn sing

10.  Have a weekly or monthly prayer group to come together and pray for those in the facility, community, loved one, and our local and national leader.

What are some faith based activities your residents enjoy?