10 Aromatherapy Ideas

Aromatherapy has so many wonderful uses and can help to improve mood, calm when upset or even to relax.

So, as activity directors what are some ways we can use aromatherapy with our residents?

1.      Create a sock animal—fill about a third of the sock with rice and add the essential oil. Tie the sock off and create a snowman, bunny or another animal.

2.      Make a diffuser locket to wear. These can even be purchased inexpensively if you don’t want to make one.

3.      Spice painting—mix spices with a binding agent and paint. The scents will be heavenly.

4.      Smell different fruits and discuss the smells. The citrus fruits are especially known to be mood lifters.

5.      Use a mortar and grind up herbs. Could then incorporate the herbs into a craft or cooking program.

6.      Use to give a hand massage, but please be sure to use a carrier oil.

7.      Mix fruit peels in a crockpot and allow to fill the room with wonderful smells.

8.      Create a calming spray mixture

9.      Guess that scent—use a variety of household items, spices, fruits, etc. and guess the scent

10.  make bread in a bread maker and allow the scents to wift through the facility.

Next time we’ll discuss some of the best scents to use.


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